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2Take1 Mod Menu for GTA V delivers promising results to provide you an ultimate gaming experience. This menu has been around the modding scene for a long period of time, since 2017 2Take1 Mod Menu has developed some of the most extensive features ever seen in the GTA V modding community. Furthermore this menu has some of the greatest protections and crashes against other players. Some other features include a business manager, custom LUA engine, heist editor, unlock all and much more, just to name a few. 2Take1 Mod Menu has all the features to help you dominate game play and gain more advantage over other players.

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  • Order confirmation email
  • Instruction manual
  • License key to the software
  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • Lifetime access to software ( Depending on the subscription you have purchased)
  • Receive quality support from our team.
  1. To redeem your license key first you need to register a account on the menu’s website here 
  2. After registration please check your email for a email that is sent to you to confirm the registration
  3. Go back and login using this link here 
  4. Navigate the menu dashboard to redeem the key.
  5. Download the menu and inject to the game.
  • To open the menu use [-] key on the number pad
  • To navigate the menu use keys [2], [4], [6] [7] [8] and [9] on the number pad
  • To go back use [0]
  • Player and Vehicle Options
  • Vehicle Customizer
  • Model Changer
  • Outfit Manager
  • Custom Outfitter
  • Animations and PTFX
  • Fully customizable Aimbot
  • Weapon Manager and Customizer
  • Weather and Time Control
  • Anti AFK
  • No Clip
  • Remote Features
  • Fully customizable ESP
  • Player Log
  • Lobby Joiner
  • Fake Friends
  • Modder Detection
  • Protections
  • Fully customizable Event Hooks
  • Net Sync Spoofer
  • Casino/Cayo Heist Recovery
  • RP/Unlocks Recovery
  • Fully customizable Stats Editor
  • Vehicle/Ped/Object Spawner
  • Editor Mode
  • Invite Yourself to Org
  • SCID Join

Everything in the standard version plus the following:

  • Send Griefer Jesus
  • Send Jets
  • Launch Player Vehicle
  • Improved Fake Friends feature
  • Kill Passive Player
  • Player Spoofer
  • Send Text Message
  • Crash Player
  • Infinite Countermeasures
  • Health/Armor/Snack Drops
  • Hijack Player Vehicle
  • Reveal OTR Players
  • Remove Cooldowns
  • Rig Casino Lucky Wheel
  • Trap Player in Stunt Tube
  • Glitch Player Vehicle
  • Weapon Loadout
  • Business Manager
  • Entity Spam
  • Send Player Interrupt
  • Force Script Host
  • Mass Player Interrupt
  • Player Model Spoofer
  • Lobby Mission Launcher
  • Join Redirect
  • Block SCID Join Detection
  • Set Matchmaking Region
  • Session Browser
  • Give Script Host To Other Players
  • Rig Casino Blackjack and Roulette
  • Please make sure that you have disable your anti virus, (Mcafee, Norton, AVG, Trend Micro etc) 
  • Make sure that all windows drivers are up to date 
  • Make sure there is no anti-cheat that could be interfering with the menu
  • Use a VPN and Windows borderless mode you needed

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2Take1 Subscriptions

40 Day Standard, 90 Day Standard, Lifetime Standard, 40 Day VIP, 90 Day VIP, Lifetime VIP


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