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The newly released Fortitude RDR2 Mod Menu is like never seen before. Fortitude RDR2 Mod Menu is built to have the best protections against all menus and the game itself. The mod menu receives frequent updates making it undetectable. With the powerful kicks, session controls and crashes making the menu unbreakable. Fortitude Mod Menu has great stability and other unique features. Some of the features that fortitude mod menu offers include LUA support, the best aim bot and ESP. This makes the menu fully customizable with endless possibilities

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  • Order confirmation email
  • Instruction manual
  • License key to the software
  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • Lifetime access to software ( Depending on the subscription you have purchased)
  • Receive quality support from our team.
  1. To redeem your license key first you need to register a account on the menu’s website here 
  2. After registration please check your email for a email that is sent to you to confirm the registration
  3. Go back and login using this link here 
  4. Navigate the menu dashboard to redeem the key.
  5. Download the menu and inject to the game.
  • To open the menu use [F5] key
  • To navigate the menu use arrow keys
  • To go back use [Backspace]
  • To select use [Enter]

• Minigames
• Enhanced Pets
• Ridable Mounts (flying, with posse and others!)
• Flyable Aircraft & Airships
• Seamless Session Joins (no load screens!)
• Model Changer
• Entity Spawner (for all vehicles, objects, and peds)
• Enhanced Outfit Builder
• Map/Vehicle/Player Object Builders (all objects)
• LUA Script Interpreter
• Gun Weapons (gravity, firework, meteor, homing missiles + more)
• Fully-functioning Guarma
• Name / IP / RID / Rank Spoofers
• Player Blacklist, Safelist, Permalist
• Enhanced and customizable ESP
• Recovery Tools
• Emotes, Scenarios, and Animations
• Highly-configurable Theme Engine

  • Please make sure that you have disable your anti virus, (Mcafee, Norton, AVG, Trend Micro etc) 
  • Make sure that all windows drivers are up to date 
  • Make sure there is no anti-cheat that could be interfering with the menu
  • Use a VPN and Windows borderless mode you needed

2 reviews for Fortitude RDR2 Mod Menu

  1. GrizzyGaming

    this is no doubt one of the best menus for RDR2 that I have used. +rep best protections i have seen

  2. thecollectercat (verified owner)

    great menu, and great reseller, i was able to pay with a prepaid card in there discord with no issue. very fast efficient.

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