Lethal R6 Full

$44.90 - $10.50

Introducing Lethal R6 Full!

Ultimate Gaming Companion – Your Key to Domination! Unleash gaming prowess with our cutting-edge tool for unparalleled success.

Aimbot Mastery: Advanced technology for precision targeting. Silent Aim, View Angle Aim, and more for customization. Shift head, target drones, and force fire with ease.

Player ESP – Tactical Edge: Box, Skeleton, Nametag ESP for tactical advantage. Customize display with various ESP styles and Distance indicators. Identify operators, ensure accuracy, and stay ahead with multiple ESP features.

Miscellaneous Features: Display local coordinates, customize crosshair, eliminate distractions. Unlock all operators, stream worry-free with Stream Proof. Configurations auto-save, seamless gaming with full screen support. Stay anonymous with HWID Spoofer.

Unleash Full Potential with Performance: Internal technology for no performance loss. Temporarily disable reload animation for a competitive edge.

Elevate your gameplay, outsmart opponents, and conquer challenges. Upgrade now for a gaming experience like never before!

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Secure Boot Disabled
Windows 10 / 11 Latest (excluding insider)

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  • Order confirmation email
  • Instruction manual
  • License key to the software
  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • Lifetime access to software ( Depending on the subscription you have purchased)
  • Receive quality support from our team.
  • Aimbot
    • Methods
      • Silent Aim
      • View Angle Aim
    • Distance limiter
    • Aimbot smoothing
    • Aim bone selection
    • Aim key selection
    • Shift head
    • Targetting FOV
    • Target drones
    • Visibility check (only target visible players)
    • Force fire (spam bullets at your target)
  • Player ESP
    • Box ESP
    • Skeleton ESP
    • Advanced ESP style selection
    • Distance ESP
    • Nametag ESP
    • Operator Name ESP
    • Line ESP
    • Health bar ESP
    • Head dot ESP
    • Team check
    • Visibility check (highlight who’s visible)
  • World ESP
    • Grenade ESP
    • Smoke ESP
    • Stun ESP
    • Drone ESP
    • Barrier ESP
    • Trap ESP
    • + More
    • Shows Name, Distance, 2D Box, 3D Box
  • Misc
    • Display local coords
    • Crosshair
    • Remove weapon recoil
    • Remove weapon spread
    • Skip reload animation [disabled temporarily]
    • Unlock all operators [disabled temporarily]
  • Stream Proof
  • Auto Saves Config
  • Internal (no performance loss)
  • Full screen, borderless & windowed support
  • HWID Spoofer
  1. To redeem the license key register a account here 
  2. Go on the dashboard and navigate to the top right to redeem the key.
  3. Download on the bottom left pane.

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