Next Strike PayDay 3

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Introducing Next Strike PayDay 3 Mod Menu,  Play like a professional with assist of features such as ESP, AI enemy targeting, Bollards, Aim Speed Control, FOV and many more to enhance your game like never before.

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  • Order confirmation email
  • Instruction manual
  • License key to the software
  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • Lifetime access to software ( Depending on the subscription you have purchased)
  • Receive quality support from our team.
  1. Make sure to join our discord and give us the order number in tickets so  that we can provide everything for you
  • To open the menu use [Delete] Key
  • Click UI
  • Please make sure that you have disable your anti virus, (Mcafee, Norton, AVG, Trend Micro etc) 
  • Make sure that all windows drivers are up to date 
  • Make sure there is no anti-cheat that could be interfering with the menu
  • Use a VPN and Windows borderless mode you needed

~ Enable/Disable ESP
~ Enemies [AI]
~ CCTV Cameras
~ Bollards
~ Ammo Boxes
~ Equipment Bags
~ Distance
~ Healthbars
~ Bones
~ and more 
~ Customizable Colours and more!

~ Enable/Disable Aimbot
~ Draw FOV Circle
~ AimSpeed Control
~ bone selection

Ingame menu
Customizable menu key and hotkeys

AntiCheat Undetected

Support –
All CPU’s/GPU’s

Steam/Windows Store Supported
Windows 10 & 11 All versions

Works on all WinVer (10 and 11)

Troubleshooting Guide


Please make sure all of the following is done before moving onto the Loader Download & Instructions thread.

Disable UAC in your windows settings.
Disable all Anti-viruses/antimalware, including Defender. Adding to defender Exclusions too.
Disable all Overlays
Uninstall FACE-IT
Disable Vanguard
Install Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Packages. DOWNLOAD HERE (You must Install both 32bit and 64bit versions, Even if you are on a 64bit windows.)
Place Loader in a separate folder from the other cheats.
EXTRACT the .zip into a folder. Do not run directly from the .zip file.
Common Error Codes:

Windows 11 Specific Fixes
In Core-Isolation – Disable “Memory Integrity”
Run this reg-edit file. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\CI\Config
“VulnerableDriverBlocklistEnable”=dword:00000000 MAKE SURE TO RESTART PC AFTER
Also apply last step of “Target process memory allocation failed (ex) 0x6” below
Error 401
Face-it or vanguard anti cheat blocking the bypass.
Aggressive Antivirus/Antimalware blocking the bypass.
Not running as admin.
Change Location of the File to something simple like “C:\Test” path
Enable Virtualization in the BIOS Settings.
IMPORTANT: Disable Secure Boot & Fast Boot in BIOS settings.
Try NalFix (google it) and see if resolves.
Error 400
Not running as admin
Console Window & Nothing happens?
Get in touch via Discord for troubleshooting.
Entering key & stuck on loading?
Saarch for Disk clean up in start bar
Choose main drive
Delete temp internet files
Run CMD and type “ipconfig/flushDNS”
Press Windows + R and type “WSReset.exe” and wait a few minutes.
Entering key & loader closing?
Make sure it is latest loader from our site.
If above doesn’t work, Run NALFIX (google it) and should resolve
Pressing “OK” and launching game and nothing showing?
Delete your settings.ini file and follow step 6 above
In Core-Isolation – Disable “Memory Integrity”
Target process memory allocation failed (ex) 0x6
Windows button > search for “Exploit Protection” Turn everything inside.

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